Random Predictions for Aldnoah.Zero Season 2

I know it’s only been one day since season one ended, but I figured I’d get this out while the hype is still there. Come Unlimited Blade Works and Log Horizon next season (among others), I bet most of the Aldnoah.Zero talk will die out pretty fast.

This post is purely predictions and speculation. As such, a number of possibilities I consider will contradict one another. I’m just looking to get out there what I think might happen in the future.

Heavy spoilers warning for the remainder of the post, as most of the theories reference various aspects of the first season’s ending. I’m just going to assume that basically everyone who reads this has watched and completed the first season.


Let’s open with a couple theories concerning the setting of season two.

1. Vers is now controlling Earth

Not a difficult assumption, in my opinion. The Vers traitors staged an assassination of their own princess because they wanted to go to war with Earth. The members of the nobility who were in the dark regarding this now see the war as vengeance for their dead princess. And the Vers people themselves are jealous of the Terrans and want to seize Earth’s abundant resources for themselves.

A continuation of the war is likely, but if it’s still a war then season two wouldn’t really feel that different from season one. Hence why a sort of military occupation is more likely. I don’t exactly see Vers cancelling the war just because now Saazbaum finally killed Asseylum for real; that was supposed to be the original catalyst, not the end goal.

If Vers is occupying Earth, then this sets the stage for our new protagonists to be resistance fighters of some kind. But more on that later.

2. Vers and Earth have called a ceasefire

Less likely, but possible. The nobility and soldiers may have had their fill of vengeful massacring and now just want to live on Earth, as was one of their original goals. I don’t exactly see them giving up the security of their landing castles, and I don’t see the Terrans taking this lying down, but it’s a possibility as an initial setting, at the very least.

Note that I mean “ceasefire” in a very different manner from the first point, which also assumes an end to the war.

The problem with this setting would be that obviously something would have to spark a conflict again, or else there would be no story. We can’t expect them to be all buddy-buddy after the events of the first season now, can we?

3. Season two takes place in the future

5 years, 10 years, 20 years. A significant time skip in between the first and second seasons would allow for either of the developments I mentioned above to occur and would give the show room to display a very different atmosphere and setting.

Directly continuing the second season where the first left off seems unlikely, since the first thing they’d have to do is devote episodes to simply build a new setting before even reaching a new story. Hence why I think the changes will happen in-between, with season two kicking off a brand new plot.

Not to mention including a significant time skip would allow for some of the possibly more significant characters to change and become, well, more significant. Slaine is a no-brainer here, but I’m also thinking Rayet and Eddelrittuo especially.

I have three different predictions concerning Slaine, since he’s the biggest wildcard we have right now.

4. Slaine is the new protagonist

A pretty logical assumption, given that he’s the only truly important character confirmed alive at the end of the first season. The biggest problem with this is that considering his lack of relevance for 11/12 episodes and that thanks to his one episode of importance we now all hate him, I’m not sure the audience could identify with and support Slaine as the main character. Especially if that protagonist is supposed to be a “hero” in any way.

I could see Slaine acting as a sort of underground resistance fighter alongside Earth soldiers (and possibly loyalist Vers nobility forces) against a Vers occupation force, but even in that situation his status as “hero” would be unlikely.

5. Slaine is evil

To say that Slaine is mentally and emotionally fried would be an understatement, not to mention his actions for most of the series seemed more befitting a deranged man than a diehard supporter of Asseylum. The dude basically transitions from wanting to save Asseylum to willingly helping her assassins, and that’s not cool. I know I said this in my previous post, but at the end of the first season he saves the princess’ would-be killer, fights Inaho, fails to actually kill Saazbaum after the count kills Asseylum, then kills Inaho out of petty spite. This guy is not alright.

Considering how low he’s fallen, I don’t exactly expect him to start season two as the harbinger of justice. I can see Slaine working under/alongside a recovered Saazbaum as a sort of tortured antagonist, possibly who comes around to the good guy’s side part way through the season.

As to exactly why Slaine decided to save Saazbaum, then not kill Saazbaum, then kill Inaho… I have no idea. Maybe he’s poorly written. Maybe he’s emotionally conflicted. Maybe he’s just an idiot. I think it’s a combination of the three. Guess we’ll have to wait for season two to tell us.

6. Slaine is the new Asseylum

Slaine is basically the Ken Kaneki of Aldnoah.Zero‘s universe. He’s the only guy who is simultaneously a Terran and a Martian (Versian? This really bothers me). I can see a whole “I’m the only one who can understand both sides!” situation arising, especially if Slaine is chosen as the new protagonist.

Little detail that at the end of season one he aggravated the war rather than end it when he had ample opportunity to do so, but hey, it’s just a possibility.

I can see it, though. I can see Slaine in some fancy Martian getup, wearing Asseylum’s pendant, begging Vers to halt their aggression against Earth. I don’t think it’s likely, considering he has roughly the emotional linearity of a supernova, but it’s certainly possible. Some sort of “I have to carry out her dream!” complex and all that.

Now let’s talk about who might not be dead.

7. Count Saazbaum is alive and well

This is pretty much a given, but I’ll put it out there anyway. Basically everyone who dies in the final episode dies via headshot, and Saazbaum was definitely not shot in the head. Wounded, yes, but not outright killed.

If Saazbaum was dead there’d be no existing antagonist, and I doubt the writers want to try to create a new one for the second season. If he’s alive then then season two could be Slaine’s revenge quest (which would feel forced, since he saved and then didn’t kill him in season one), or Earth’s revenge quest (more likely, unless Slaine is a protagonist).

The one catch is that Saazbaum has to be a bad guy. There’s no way he can be successfully portrayed as misunderstood or reformed without fans of the series throwing a riot.

8. Count Cruhteo isn’t dead yet

It’s a sort of unspoken rule in anime that if a character’s death is not directly shown on-screen, then that character is not dead. For Count Cruhteo, all we got was a boom and Saazbaum’s word on the matter. We never saw an injury, we never saw a body. Also the fact that Slaine and Saazbaum both kept saying “he’s dead” in such a matter-of-fact way draws otherwise unnecessary attention to the point.

The only real point of contention is that the Aldnoah Drive in his suit powered down, which is only supposed to happen if the user dies. There’s a possibility that Cruhteo, fearing that he had no chance of opposing the Vers rebels at the time, purposely deactivated it so that Saazbaum would think he was dead. This could also explain how Slaine “activated” the drive in the final episode, if Cruhteo simply restored power to it. Another cause could have been temporary heart failure or other serious injury as a result of the attack, as occurred with Asseylum earlier.

It’s a stretch, but not impossible. Bringing back Cruhteo would open the options for more variability in the good guys. I can see Cruhteo pulling an Andrew Waltfeld and joining a group of Earth Federation forces to fight against the Vers rebels. Very Gundam-like, but that’s okay; I like Gundam.

9. Inaho…maybe?

He’s bruised, he’s injured, he’s probably blind in one eye. He can’t walk, and he can barely pull himself across the ground to Asseylum’s body. Then Slaine very explicitly shoots him in the head. He’s definitely dead. Or is he?

The only excuse I can think of for Inaho to be alive is Aldnoah magic. In the final episode, Slaine activates Cruhteo’s mech despite not having Aldnoah access rights. The only possible conclusion that we can come to with what we know already (assuming the writers don’t open a whole new can of plot worms next season) is that Asseylum had the power, Asseylum can give the power to people, and Asselyum resuscitated Slaine prior to the events of season one. Maybe this is a very Disney-like plot and kiss=magic. This would explain (though not in a logical manner) why Slaine has the Aldnoah power. Following that, since Inaho resuscitated Asseylum in the same manner during the series, he would also then have the Aldnoah power.

The reason I support this theory is that otherwise there was no reason for the writers to explicitly solve both life-threatening situations with resuscitation. Since Asseylum never brought it up to Inaho, it doesn’t even serve as a metaphorical parallel between Slaine and Inaho. It’s either a really obvious coincidence…or important. I’m predicting important.

Now, I don’t know exactly how Aldnoah magic would save / resurrect Inaho, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. Such a development would likely help placate the fan rage following the ending moments of season one. And as I mentioned in my previous post, Slaine failing to also kill Saazbaum prevented it from being a good ending anyway, so I really would have no objections to Inaho being brought back to life somehow.

10. Asseylum is dead

Tragic, I know. She had really pretty hair.

Bringing back Inaho with magic I can understand. Bringing back Asseylum, however, would render most of the events from season one unnecessary and meaningless, as well as simply set the stage for season two to be a whole ‘nother round of Hunt the Princess.

Maybe her spirit will live in a mech à la Evengelion, or she’ll telepathically communicate with Inaho or Slaine via some magical Aldnoah oversoul network. We still don’t know exactly what happened to the previous residents of Vers, do we?

Either way, though it’s possible she’ll make a fantastical reappearance in some manner or another, I think she’s dead.

Now a couple ideas on the future relevancy of minor characters.

11. Eddelrittuo is a big deal

Maybe I missed a crucial memo somewhere, but what exactly is this chick’s deal? She’s like eight years old, but she’s the princess’ maid / bodyguard, she’s super intelligent, and she can drive a truck like a professional racer. Is she just a little girl who Asseylum happened to take a liking to? Or is she relevant in a completely different way?

Aside from everything about her being a mystery, another notable detail is that during the final episode, rebel Vers soldiers capture her. They have no problem killing anyone else, including Terran civilians and loyalist Vers soldiers. They even kill Asseylum. But they spare and capture Eddelrittuo. Why, unless she is important?

Maybe season two will reveal that Eddelrittuo is Asseylum’s younger sister, or her cousin, or some other relative. In other words, she might be the successor to the throne once Grampa Vers finally kicks the bucket. I can’t think of any way she might be relevant other than that, but it’s possible.

This would click well with other predictions as well. Especially if there is a significant time skip so that she’s a more workable age. Even if she’s not important in that way, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her as a semi-important character working alongside Vers loyalists or Terran rebels.

12. Rayet as a possible protagonist

If Inaho is dead and Slain is crazy / evil, then we’d need someone else to fill the gap. Who better than an angst-ridden character with more than enough reason to fight who didn’t get her due amount of screen time in the first season?

Rayet could work as a protagonist almost no matter the setting. Peace between Vers and Earth? Rayet could be working to kill every Martian she sees behind the scenes. Occupation of Earth by Vers? Who better to lead a rebel insurgency than someone with significant beef against Vers in the first place?

I’ll freely admit that I was disappointed with Rayet’s character in the first season. She was nothing but eye-rolling angst and revenge, not even portrayed all that well. Then she spitefully tries to kill Asseylum, breaks down, and joins Inaho and friends for real. Still, even then she isn’t much more important than minor characters like Inko. So I would like to see Rayet get a more important role in season two.

I think that’s it for theories for now. Some food for thought, if nothing else. I may come back to this one the second season begins to find I got everything wrong, but you never know.

Possible edits in the future if I come up with or hear more predictions.

Rick out.

credits to deviantART user Morwell for the Aldnoah.Zero image
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