Terra Formars: I can’t even…

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 3.28.45 PM

Would you like a little bit of Edge with your Censoring? No, no, it’s not worth it.

I’ve never felt legitimately offended by censoring before, this is kind of new to me. I’ve always disliked censoring, but to some degree I can understand the rationale behind it. Nudity censoring has traditionally always bothered me the most because it’s the biggest proof that the industry considers its viewers to be nothing but a collection of erotically-charged idiots; no, I will not buy your uncensored blu-rays for your stupid nipplage. Censoring of gore has always made a different impression on me. I don’t hate it as a matter of principle, and I understand that some shows should contain censors. Everything in moderation, and that includes graphic violence as well as light rays and steam.

Tokyo Ghoul censored a fair bit, and it bothered me a fair bit. I ranted for a while about how much I disliked the level of censoring that Tokyo Ghoul implemented. But comparatively, Tokyo Ghoul may as well not have been censored at all.

I have no idea what’s going on. Yes, I know he got chopped in half. Yes, I know her head got ripped off. I can tell by lead-ins and context. But when I just see this…

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 4.05.52 PM

…I have no idea what’s happening.

It’s offensive, and I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t care what channel this show is airing on in Japan, I don’t care which time slot, I don’t care about the possibility of any new laws. I decided to try out a show with the genre tags “action” and “horror,” and what I’m seeing is a whole lot of hazy discussion with the occasional black. I have yet to see any “action” or “horror.”

There was a possibility, once. One of the lead chicks picked up this huge caveman-like club and was about to go all apeman with it. But then all I saw was black – no action, no horror.

It doesn’t help that, you know, because of the whole “horror” genre trying to be all shocking and psychological and whatnot, these cockroach muscled black dudes things have a tendency to just kind of appear out of nowhere. So we’re having a conversation, everything’s all calm and good, and then suddenly the music changes and black. I’m just sitting here like, “Wait… What?” *rewind rewind* “talkingtalkingtalkingblack.” Well, shoot.

And then we have things like this:


This is not censoring. This is a comedy act.

What am I even supposed to be doing? Is this a game? Am I supposed to be filling in the blanks?

Maybe it’s supposed to be a picture of this:


Or perhaps this:



Alright, well, since “action” and “horror” are out, let’s try the other genres. “Science fiction” seems plausible. Actually…yeah no. This is not technology. This is not cool futuristic gadgets and such. This is borderline magic. This is Shingeki no Cockroach. I am not impressed.

So the premise of this show is that humans decided to terraform Mars via fungi and cockroaches. I don’t know exactly what happened in-between then and the start of the series, and it’s probably a big plot point somewhere down the line, but when I think “giant mutant cockroach” I think, you know:


It’s big, it’s dumb, it’s goofy, but at least it’s a bug. Not a big muscled black dude.

That’s about it, I’m out of genres. The premise is kinda dumb, so I had been hoping to sweep all that under the rug with some cool action, but obviously that never happened. The actual execution of the story isn’t particularly inspiring, either; we get lots of technobabble and unexplained superpowers but nothing to do with them except, “fight roaches because just cuz.”

It’s episode three and they’re already like, “CONSPIRACY!! OH NOES!!!!!” because the writers seem to have realized that their shoddy storytelling and overwhelmingly stupid enemy weren’t enough to hold viewer attention by themselves. Of course, if they wanted us to just mindlessly watch their show, they could have done away with the censoring…

It’s a bit of a shame, too. The music seems alright, though I don’t have much to go off of. I’m quite fond of the art overall, including the character designs; the realistic-looking characters and washed-out shades-of-grey art style are both nonconventional and nice. I just wish they belonged to a better anime.

Maybe I’ll take a crack at the manga if I find the time. Maybe I’ll come back once an uncensored version makes it online. But until then, I have no intention of following Censoring: The Animation.

(Temporarily?) Dropped.

Rick out.

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