If Zelda: Ocarina of Time Had Achievements

This is a sort of silly way to kick off the Gaming section of my blairnoel blog, but it had to happen somehow. I spent a while stuck between a Shadow of Mordor review and a critique of the trophy / achievement system now prolific in gaming, but eventually I decided to start with something easier. Something closer to home. Something simple and fun.

If you’re like me, then your first playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when you were eight years old took you forever. If you’re like me, the Water Temple took you hours of agonizing work to finally puzzle out. If you’re like me, the Bottom of the Well gave you nightmares. If you’re like me, you felt sad that Sheik always ran away before Link could get a word in. If you’re like me, you had to find every single Big Poe after that first one scared the pants off of you as you took your first steps into Hylian Field as Old Link.

If you’re like me, you spent the robotics unit of your Engineering Design class in high school teaching your robot to play the Hyrule Castle Town theme as it followed twisting courses of masking tape across the classroom floor.

I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan, and have been ever since I first got my hands on a copy of Link’s Awakening for the Game Boy Color when I was little. Save for the original NES and SNES games, I’ve played ’em all. And while now Twilight Princess stands as my single favorite game in the franchise, there is no game I revisit more frequently than Ocarina of Time. I try to go on a Nostalgia Drive and get in a new playthrough at least once per year, and I’ve done pretty well so far.

Recently I’ve been putting a lot of thought into achievements and trophies in gaming. My thoughts regarding the nature of those objectives and the effects they have on my gaming experience will have to wait for another post. But skipping past that (probably really important) introduction for now, let’s get into two things that don’t mesh together at all: Ocarina of Time and an achievement system.

During my most recent playthrough of Ocarina of Time about three weeks back I made the decision to take my time and savor the experience rather than simply plow my way through, as I’ve been known to do in the past. Specifically, I decided to hunt a bunch of Gold Skullchulas and gather every piece of heart I could get my hands on. Eventually I was sitting there with 19 heart containers and thinking to myself, “Do I really have to go fishing to complete the last heart?” Of course not, I told myself, it’s not like I have to in order to beat the game. So I didn’t, and I fought my way through Ganondorf’s castle like all the other Heros of Time before me.

Which spurred a thought: if I had been playing Ocarina of Time for the first time, and if Ocarina of Time were a brand new game, then I likely would have missed an achievement there for not getting every heart container. Which lead to yet another topic of interest: if Ocarina of Time had an achievement system, what achievements would there be?

I suppose most of them are pretty obvious, but just for fun I through together a quick list of what I imagine would be some of the achievements towards 100% completion of Ocarina of Time.

Here is that list:

Secret Achievements (Story-related)

  • Child of Destiny
    • Acquire the Kokiri Sword
  • Cursebreaker
    • Clear the Deku Tree
  • Sworn Brothers
    • Clear the Dodongo’s Cavern
  • A Subtle Proposal 
    • Clear Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
  • Hero of Light
    • Visit the Chamber of Sages
  • Hero of Forest
    • Clear the Forest Temple
  • Hero of Fire
    • Clear the Fire Temple
  • Hero of Water
    • Clear the Water Temple
  • Hero of Shadow
    • Clear the Shadow Temple
  • Hero of Spirit
    • Clear the Spirit Temple
  • An Untimely Reunion
    • Meet the Seventh Sage
  • Hero of Destiny
    • Defeat Ganondorf
  • Hero of Time
    • Defeat Ganon

Other Achievements

  • Happiness Entrepreneur 
    • Sell four masks from the Happy Mask Shop
  • No Ordinary Knife
    • Acquire Biggoron’s Sword
  • Fairy Fanatic
    • Receive six Great Fairy blessings
  • By One Second
    • Race the Running Man
  • A Red Dawn
    • Acquire the Fire Arrows
  • Master Thief
    • Complete the Gerudo’s Training Ground
  • Ghostbuster
    • Deliver the essences of ten Big Poes
  • Not So Fast
    • Defeat Ingo in a race
  • Pro Gamer
    • Win at the Shooting Gallery, Bombchu Bowling Alley and Treasure Chest Contest
  • An Even Greater Hammerspace
    • Max out all collection capacities
  • The Musician 
    • Add 12 Ocarina Songs to your journal
  • If I Only Had a Brain
    • Call Pierre for aid
  • Land a Rare One
    • Reel in a Hyrule Loach
  • Bonecrusher
    • Defeat a pair of Stalfos with neither resurrecting
  • The Darkness Within
    • Defeat Dark Link in under one minute
  • Truly the Finest Glass
    • Take on Ganondorf with a bottle in hand
  • Life Collector
    • Acquire 20 heart containers
  • Spider Squisher
    • Defeat a Gold Skullchula
  • Spider Stomper
    • Defeat 20 Gold Skullchulas
  • Spider Hunter
    • Defeat 50 Gold Skullchulas
  • Spider Eradicator 
    • Defeat 100 Gold Skullchulas

Obviously Ocarina of Time doesn’t have an achievement system, but it’s kind of fun to track progress nonetheless. The list has 13 story achievements that every player would finish in their first playthrough plus another 21 for all those seasoned Hylian adventurers. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start, and pretty cool considering Ocarina of Time was in no way designed with achievements in mind.

For the record, I got 30/34 during this previous playthrough.

Rick out.

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