Let’s Add Gaming!

Welcome to the newest addition to my blairnoel blog: Gaming!

Games are great; who doesn’t like games? I like games. My siblings like games. Even my almost-half-a-century-year-old parents enjoy a round or two of Just Dance every now and then.

I can scarcely open a web browser on my computer without seeing some add or news update for a game, game company or distributor. My favorite blogs, my most-frequented news sites, my inbox and my multiple Facebook accounts are full of them. Games are big, and games are everywhere.

I’ve been playing games since I was a very little kid. Games are a great way to relax, kill some time, and delve into fantasy land. From puzzle games to hack-n-slash, from RPGs to MMOs, each genre of gaming offers a very different experience and caters to a different type of gamer.

Anime has been the focus of this blog for about a year, but I figured it was about time to branch out in topics. Anime will still likely make up the bulk of my posts (which I hope to increase the rate of soon), but an occasional post on one of my other biggest hobbies couldn’t hurt!

Click on the link in the header in the future for all posts belonging to the Gaming category!

Rick out.

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