Summer 2014

This page contains all posts related to anime from the summer 2014 anime season, sorted alphabetically by anime title. For a by-date list of summer 2014 posts, Click Here.

After a season hiatus, I’m hoping to be back more regularly. Yes I did watch several anime from the spring 2014 season, and who knows, maybe I’ll write some Final Thoughts reviews at some point. Not like there’s a time constraint on Final Thoughts reviews.

No First Impressions reviews this time around, but I’ll try and get some Final Thoughts reviews going once the summer 2014 season ends.

For previous seasons I typed up a list of every full series running and then inserted reviews as I wrote them. To heck with that format. This season I’m instead only going to note the anime I’m watching, and then add their respective reviews once they’re written. Simplifies things, much less clutter to deal with.

Yeah I know I’m getting lazier and lazier as time goes on, but hey, I’m going for a 4.0 GPA for my senior year of university, what can I say?

Happy viewing.

Summer 2014 Anime (That I’m Watching)

Akame ga Kill!


DRAMAtical Murder

Fate/kahleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!



Sword Art Online II

Tokyo Ghoul

Zankyou no Terror


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